beats by dre cheap



well I'm still in search for myself

even your touch makes the distance

so far

too far.


with this old razor which seems unhurtful

not sharp enough for the glass skin

I cut

without a trace.


for those who doubt if I am a human

I can only hopefully say from my heart

let's just pray

I am.


don't you even sometimes wonder

if you're human too?

what is the color of the shade?

what is the shape of the water?


how do you feel?

now, in this moment


do you know that what you feel

is your own bliss?

your own will?


what are emotions if they aren't yourself?

what are you if you aren't emotions?


what am I

if I don't feel you now,

if I don't feel your touch,

if I don't feel this light

and this dark that fills us inside?

what are we?


what are we made of?

maybe honey?

maybe steal?


and then, when we discover

that we are just dolls,

just standing in line and waiting for our master,

some spoiled, cruel brat,

to put us on a shelf

and forget,


that's when we'll realize

that we were made to wait,

only to eternaly wait,

set in a line,

to feed on dust and dark


...eternaly and forever...

...because we're just dolls...


30/05/2009 04:22