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Vanessa Virginity

*this song is pretty cruel and hard to understand. it's about a virgin, pure girl who ends up raped, and while some old guy is trying to rape her, she pounds a knife in his stomach. you don't have to read it, you know?...*



her lips-red as blood

her eyes-blue as sky

her skin-white as snow

her hair-black as coal


her hands-precious as a bless

her breasts-sweet as cherries

her body-melodic as a kiss

 her heart-pure as virginity.


but after they met...

where is her smile?

where is her pureness?

why is she so tuneless?


Cruelity and Vanity

Pain, sweet as sins

dead maids all around

and she in the middle, half alive


what is life, if you're not there?

what am I, if you're far away?


You promissed you'd build me castles

castles of pure diamonds

castles just for me and you.

then you kissed the crimison and fell forever.


what else could I do?

amused, lost in your arms,

like a lonely rose

with a harmful thorn.


Your blood all over the pure white snow,

your blood all over the blissfull magic,

your blood up in the sky,

your blood all over mine.


Her first sin,

his last waltz,

and a trace

velvet rose and a wine, red as her lips.


Wherefore art thou, Vanessa?


01/06/2009 14:00